Loop by Loop

It all started with a little poem my sister and I used to sing to each other growing up. Perhaps you know it:

Inch by Inch
Row by Row
Gonna make this garden grow
All I need is a rake and hoe and a piece of fertile ground…

It goes on.

The strangest thing about singing this song as we grew up was the fact that we never gardened. We never so much as went out to plant flowers. The most we did was plant seeds in science class. But still, we would sing that song to each other.

Years have passed since then, but my ability to get that little diddy stuck in my head has never left me. Combine that with the fact that I habitually adapt known melodies and songs to fit into a completely different context (i.e my life),  and you see the roots of my Ode to Yarn, “Loop by Loop.”

The song didn't come out fully formed. It took hours and hours of crocheting to arrive at it. And still longer to put it on paper.

Because I would just sing this song to myself. Sometimes out loud. Mostly not. Just humming the melody as I crocheted. Trying to create rhymes where none existed. Finally, one day I wrote it down on paper. I fell in love with the idea (although I admit it was somewhat crazy) to film myself singing this song, or half singing, half speaking; as I would if I were actually making a piece.

My director came in and asked if I could look like I was just being caught on camera. Completely oblivious to the fact that I was being taped. And most importantly, I would be surrounded by crazy amounts of yarn. Or crocheted fabric that I had made over the years. I'll admit that I dug deep into my closet. Some of the pieces of this set are over ten years old. And those sleeves that I knit; I made those 5 years ago. We layered and layered the swaths of fabric, trying to enclose me as much as possible. And then, just barely have my toes peaking out.

So here it is, Loop by Loop.

We had so much fun making it. Please enjoy the site of me drowning in yarn. And know that little acting went into the making of this film.