Hooked is a stop motion animation short film centered around #25, a crochet hook a bit different from the rest. Alienated because of size, capability, and talent, 25 deals with external social pressure that threaten to quash any sense of individual pride. 

Hooked seeks to address complex social issues through accessible moments that any human can relate to on the deepest level. 

Created by: Sarah Newton

*Official Selection of Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema*



Behind the Scenes

From Sarah:

"We’ve all been a 25 and a 3 or 4. When I wrote Hooked, I wanted to tell a story about feeling like an outsider. Feeling like an outcast within my own group. It’s not from any one specific adult memory, more from my childhood, but the applications still felt universal as a ‘grown up.’ I feel left out, at times. I’m sure I put people out at times."

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