Free Delivery pt. 1

As you can imagine, living in New York, I have no end of access to food delivery. Perhaps you’ve heard that you can get away with never leaving your apartment in Manhattan? That theory is completely accurate, (though will cost you a pretty penny).

And because you can order delivery at any hour of any day, we don’t do a ton of cooking. Also, New York is not known for its substantial kitchens (it’s a luxury to have a dishwasher) so many of us don’t cook. We just get our food delivered. It’s easier. There are other things we need to focus on. We don’t like doing dishes. Our apartments get too hot when we cook. There isn’t cleanup with delivery. It’s guaranteed to be good food, and quick food.

Now, I love to cook. In California. When I have access to one of the greatest kitchens of all time. At my mom’s house, we have a palatial kitchen. It’s beautiful. In my apartment, well you can see my kitchen in the short film. And that’s a big kitchen for NY. I had to fight to have a full sized fridge in my apartment. This is the biggest kitchen I found (for my price). There isn’t a mini fridge. This was a victory when I got the apartment. So I don’t do too much cooking on this coast.

I live on a ‘quick diet’ of coffee, OJ, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, steamed broccoli, and popcorn. Yes popcorn. I don’t do too much delivery, as it sucks money away that I just don’t have. So those are the basics that I live off of. My sister frequently throws a fit when she sees what I eat. She’s one of those people who can whip up a four course meal in no time.

She is a fantastic cook and baker. I am a fantastic baker. So she weeps that I don’t cook in New York. What can I say? I have different priorities. Like writing short films and essays. And crocheting. And editing. And acting. She’s just busy saving the world. With a side job of cooking delectable feasts.

But back to Free Delivery. I wanted to make a short film that commented on the fact that New Yorkers don’t do too much cooking. Hell, my generation doesn’t do too much cooking. How tempting it is to just order food, and have it delivered to our apartments. Comparatively, mac n cheese is a challenge. Who has the patience to wait for water to boil, or pasta to cook? Especially when there are endless take out options?

Obviously, this situation is heightened. Sort of. If our heroine was following the directions, things might have turned out differently. (As my sister pointed out, she should have made the cheese sauce on the stove. Not in the microwave.) But our generation is a generation of multi-taskers, so of course it makes sense for our heroine to make the sauce in the microwave, while waiting. And, of course, because multi tasking often results in failure, our heroine faces the consequences of her actions.