The Maze

A Mind Devoid of Happiness or: The Maze is an abstract short centered around a young woman who is experiencing a depressive episode. As she is forced to face the world outside of her depressive cloud, she finds life progressively impossible. 

From Sarah:

"I hope this film speaks to you whether or not you have depression. If you have depression, I hope it shows you another way out. Another way to fight through this. If you don't have depression, I hope it helps you understand what we go through during an episode. I hope it helps you see that it is not about perking up. It is not about putting on a happy face. This is a mental disorder that millions of people live with every day. "

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"I think [A Mind Devoid of Happiness or: The Maze] vividly captures the anhedonic aspect of depression, which is one of the least visible to other people and can be the most impairing.  People in a depressive episode can have profound anhedonia without perceived "depressed" mood. They wilI say, "but I don't feel depressed," yet they meet full diagnostic criteria for major depression.  So it is a lesser known, but very important feature to capture.
- Diane Young, Ph.D., Psychologist


Behind the Scenes