A Deficiency of Meaning or: FALSE is an abstract short centered around a young woman who is experiencing suicidal thoughts. While the world around her demands her attention, she begins to spiral out of control.

From Sarah:

"I know what it’s like to feel like you’re disappearing and falling into the abyss. I have experienced the moments of wondering if I’m addicted to my pills. I’ve stood in front of a mirror and considered myself unworthy to exist. I’ve felt like I am disappearing when talking to my friends. I’ve put on lipstick and sunglasses to pretend that everything is ok, because lipstick will always make you look put together, and sunglasses hide the feelings of pain and emptiness that are so present when you experience an episode. 

Suicide is one of the unaddressed issues that no one talks about. People talk about the aftermath of suicide. People talk about what they could have done. But people rarely notice the signs of a suicidal episode when they’re happening. Because so often the person experiencing the episode isn’t talking. They are so in their head that they can’t say what they’re feeling."

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