Behind the Camera

The stories behind the stories. The reasons to write the films. And other various thoughts.

Yarn Magic

Yarn Magic was probably one of the most fun pieces to write. Why? 1. Because I play a fairy. 2. Because I play a fairy 3. I finally got to write for one of my best friends. 

 I wanted to write a piece about the magic of yarn. I especially wanted to write a piece that dramatized what people perceived as the magical process of turning yarn into an object.

 I have often been confronted by the perception that crocheting a hat takes no time at all. It’s just magic. And, ok. I’ve been crocheting for 12 years, a hat hardly takes any time. But it’s not magic. I do have to sit for six hours and make the thing. I can’t just wave my wand and make a hat appear out of thin air. Like our yarn fairy. (Oh that I could.) 

 Conversely, I have been approached by people thinking that crocheting is absolutely impossible. Yes, ok. It is a challenge. Goodness knows it took me just about forever to master. But it’s doable. And it is sort of magic when you can take a skein of yarn and turn it into a scarf or a hat. 

 Those were the life experiences that contributed to Yarn Magic. 

 The film influences: 

 I wanted to write a piece that had magic in it. Special effects through editing. Like the early early black and white films. Like Melies’ films. I had been working with the inspiration of the early black and white films from the beginning of B12. 

Keeping things simple. No dialogue. Lots of classical music. But the Chaplin/Melies films had something more. There was a mischief to them. There was a spirit and jovial energy to them. I hadn’t yet written my own version of that. It seemed entirely appropriate, therefore, for me to be a yarn fairy who turns yarn into clothes.  

 I was overjoyed to marry two of my loves, crocheting and filmmaking in this piece. Hopefully you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!